Deja Mosaics is Jani Thom and Debbie Thomas. We create one of a kind mosaic picture frames, mirrors, wall pieces and various other items. We are continually seeking out new surfaces on which to mosaic. Our creations are composed of stained glass, ceramic tiles, mirror tiles, Italian smalti, millefiori and glass rods, beach glass and shell, vintage glass gems, stones, beads, buttons and copper tubing. These creations are quite labor intensive as any or most of the individual components have been hand cut and meticulously placed. Many of our pieces have upwards of 10-20 hours or more in labor, from preparing the surface to grouting, sealing and wiring for hanging. So, welcome to Deja Mosaics, we hope you enjoy our work.
We will now be offering our pieces for sale exclusively on Etsy, click on the Etsy logo to see our storefront!